Herbitone Investments is a privately owned company majority-owned by Thomas Ziolkowski, the company’s CEO. Family members own the balance, with no outside shareholders.

Herbitone Investments facilitates efficient decision-making, ensuring and securing advantages in the interest of our partners and clients. Herbitone’s reputation is a hard-earned asset over the long term, underpinning the confidence shown by those who rely on us.

Our team does not only have extensive experience in the cross-industries commodities trade, investment, advisory, and asset management, but it is also simply our passion. We know what it is like to trade, invest, advise, and the issues around being a leader. We bring that understanding and empathy to our job.

Thomas Ziolkowski
CEO, Herbitone Investments Ltd.

Thomas Ziolkowski has spent more than 26 years as a VP Sales Executive Director in Polish and international blue chips companies gathering global cross-industries experience from Financial Services, Energy, Diversified Industrials, Transportation, Technology, Natural Resources, Properties, Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and IT solutions, and co-founded Herbitone Investments in 2011.

An inborn entrepreneur, Thomas has drawn on his extensive knowledge of the international global markets established Herbitone Investments as one of the world’s private boutique investment companies. He is now focused on developing Herbitone’s diversified operations a fully integrated global house of alternative investments, asset management, and commodities trading. The ultimate goal is to be the first-choice investment advisor in the race to keep moving forward.

Born in Upper Silesia and a Poland citizen, Thomas is known for his provocative, analytical, and insightful thinking and an approach grounded in the realities of business life with repetitive successes years by years. He has a Master’s Degree in ICT and is also a Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

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